Wednesday, April 4, 2012 it spring yet?

The landscaping is done!!!
So, after that great tease of 80 degree weather a few weeks ago, we've had a return to cold temps with snow and sleet.  Ah, winter in Maine!  That put the brakes on a lot of our outdoor work, until this week.

Chris Cerullo from Lawn Enforcement and team have really helped transform the property.  The lopsided asphalt walkway to the front door is gone.  Now we have a beautiful, curved flagstone path.  The lumps and bumps in the lawn have been leveled off and it's all been seeded.  Soon we'll have bright green shoots springing up.

In the backyard, the fence posts have been set up straight, the leaves cleaned up and the giant mud hole, that used to be a swimming pool, is now seeded.   Oh, and we discovered a horseshoe pit!  We'll be keeping that, but does anyone actually know how to play horseshoes?  Richard loves this backyard....I think he wants to plant a vegetable garden and move in!

And after I transplanted some stray day lilies and iris, I planted some beautiful flowering plants.  A PJM Rhododendron, a lilac and a big red dogwood tree that's just loaded with buds.  When we start getting some warmer temperatures, it should be beautiful!!  In the meantime, we'll keep watering the grass seed and watching for it to that like waiting for a pot to boil? Pin It


  1. I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago and so happy I did. I went back to the "begining" and read all your posts.
    The work you've done on this house is amazing! I like the fact that you didn't cut corners and knew when to call in the experts when you weren't qualified to do it yourself. There's no shame in this. I've read blogs of young couples who "wing it" because they can't afford a professional to do the work and I wonder if it's safe.
    If I lived in Maine, I would certainly buy this home.
    Thanks for sharing your journey,

  2. Wow, love the landscaping and your design choices! The flagstone path is so welcoming. Can't wait to see pictures when all the new flowers and trees start blooming too!

  3. Thanks so much for all the kind comments. We have really enjoyed bringing this beautiful old house back to the way it should look. It will be going on the market soon and will be hard to say goodbye!

    And Vanessa, I had to laugh at your DIY comments - because when we first started renovating houses, we certainly 'winged it'. Some of the things we did were crazy! But with experience, I think we've learned our limitations!

  4. Landscaping the yards will surely give a better and incredulous look to this house. You can use a natural grass or a synthetic grass to make it more compelling. I look forward to seeing the finished project.


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