Saturday, January 28, 2012

Problems - Insurance Inspection

We got a call from the insurance company this morning with the feedback from their inspector.  Our insurance agent has been great to work with.   But when she called with the inspection report, I’m sure she thought she was delivering really bad news.  The insurance company identified lots of major issues that needed to be fixed right away.  An inspector would come back again in 30 days to follow up.  What topped the list?
1)  The pool is a big concern, including the fence and lock on the gate (good thing it's already gone!)
2)  The windows didn’t pass inspection (I guess they noticed the gaps, broken glass and rotting wood!)
3)  The soffits are rotting, which could result in water damage in a major storm.
4)  The front porch wasn't stable (hence the trampoline effect on the far end)
5) The back deck doesn't have a railing at one end (even though it's only 2 steps off the ground)
6)  etc.
7)  etc
8)  etc....

The good news – there aren't any surprises here.  We’ve already identified these items through the home inspection and they’re part of the renovation plan (and we're a bit surprised the knob and tube wiring wasn't on the list, although that replacement is already in the works.  In other homes we have bought/sold, this was a show stopper).  Now we just need to make sure everything gest done in 30 days!  Otherwise they will cancel our insurance.  And now that winter is really here, it's hard to do some of the outdoor items.

But it does make me wonder.....what if we were a young couple that had used every cent they had to buy the house.  How could they afford to make all the required changes???  Thankfully the next owners won't have to worry about any of these issues.  
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