Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Game Plan

So, there’s a lot to be done.  Where to start?  What needs to happen before the really cold weather sets in?  This is Maine, so winter weather is a big factor in our plans, even though this season has been unusually mild.  So what are our priorities:  1) Get rid of the pool, before it becomes a giant ice cube.  2)  Replace the front porch while we can still dig footings.   We need to move quickly - baby it's cold out there!  

Waterhouse Builders Team - Shane Brennan, Henry Mayer & Mike Backman
We searched for contractors to help us get going.  For primary carpentry, including the sagging front porch, we are working with Mike Backman and his Waterhouse Builders team.  Having a good contractor is a key element of renovating an old home.  Mike had walked through the house with us before we bought it and helped us establish a rough budget for some of the big items.  The porch and windows were tops on the list, but he pointed out some other things we should focus on as well.  The soffits and trim were in bad shape in several areas and also needed work.  We’re working with Mike so that his team can be on site right after the closing on the house.  We don’t want to lose any time.

We're talking with multiple contractors to remove the pool.  Turns out, it’s a bit more complicated than just draining it and filling it with dirt.  If you don’t pull out the sides and puncture the bottom, you get the dreaded ‘cesspool effect’.  Which means it doesn’t drain and stinks to high heaven.  This is a job for big equipment!
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