Thursday, December 14, 2023

48 Hours Make All the Difference

In 48 hours we've gone from a masked off, painter filled house to something that is starting to look livable.  Truly amazing progress! 

With everything painted, the carpenters moved back into the kitchen and got the upper cabinets and the island in place.  

A big project was getting the island top made.  I ordered two cherry butcher block counters and Kyle biscuited them together to create a giant counter.  And after much deliberation (seriously, it took me all morning), we came up with the end profile to provide seating at one end.

While all of that was going on, the electricians started hanging light fixtures.  After living through COVID supply chain issues, I ordered most of these many, many months ago - so it was exciting to unbox them and see them put in place!

In other exciting news, we now have running water and a working toilet!  Seriously, all the comforts of home!

Is it finished?  Not quite, but it sure is close!

I know he looks unhappy - but it's just the opposite - happy & exhausted! 

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  1. It’s shaping up beatifully

  2. Gorgeous!! Could I ask the dimensions of the strips that are put on the edges of the beadboard ceiling? We are planning to do this and I love how yours look. Thank you.

  3. beautiful! All the work is paying off! looks amazing.


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