Thursday, November 2, 2023

The Beauty of Old and New Hardwood Floors

Back in the old days – BC (Before Covid) – there was a logical sequence to the different contractors that renovate a house.  But with the shortage of labor and skilled trades, I’m constantly pivoting the schedule when a trade suddenly becomes available, even if it's not the best timing.  


Case in point, the hardwood floors.  We wanted to get the new kitchen flooring installed, sanded and a coat of finish on it before the cabinets got installed.  But we weren’t really ready to have all the floors done.


But when our amazing flooring guy called to say they could come the next week to do the whole house – well of course we said yes.  And we pivoted and got everything ready for them (and put everything else on hold).  That's just how it works these days.


We could only save the original floors in 2 rooms – the living room and the bedroom at the top of the steps. They stitched in new red oak for the rest of the house and it’s amazingly similar.  Our guess is the floors were done 70 years ago, so I'm still surprised they look so similar!


Aren’t the floors gorgeous???  They make the rooms glow, as the early morning sunlight floods the rooms.  

The room we were really curious about was the sunporch.  Part of the room had 5” wide Douglas fir.  The rest of the room had 3” wide fir flooring – except for the section next to the window which was 2 ¼” oak (they used whatever they could find!).  

Sunporch floor 

It didn’t sand up perfectly.  In fact we’re down to the nails in some areas, which means we’re at the tongue (of the tongue and groove) and can’t go any further.  But we’re okay with that.  This is a porch and probably had lots of weather hitting the floor at different times in its history.  We like the character that the floor shows.  One of these days we’ll have to replace it completely, but for now we’re going to celebrate its history.

I immediately covered all the floors, to protect them until we get a bit further along in the project.  So I'm glad you got a peek at them now! 

New Kitchen Floor and doorway to Sun Porch (aptly named, because look at the sun!!)


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