Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Nautical Powder Room

I'd love to show you the Before & After of the Powder Room - but it's a brand new space that didn't exist in the original house.  So you'll only see the 'after' version.

Let's face it, powder rooms can be boring, especially if they don't have a window.  It can be a tiny, dull space. So our goal was to make this one interesting.  And I think we succeeded!  Every time a new contractor walks up the stairs and turns the corner, it's a WOW!   

The far wall is wallpapered with nautical chart wallpaper.  It's so much fun to look for your favorite landmarks on this wall!  And they were able to mark the house location with this little anchor - isn't that the best?

For the flooring, I installed this great hex tile, which has an undulating surface and fades from dark to light watery blue. 

We wanted a small vanity (and it is small!!!) so there was a spot to hide a couple rolls of TP.    And above it, we found a nautical light fixture with a porthole style mirror.  So say goodbye to a dull boring powder room, this one is a conversation piece! 

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  1. I enjoy you blog a lot so thank you for including us on your projects. First time poster. Love the powder room with chart paper. So right for the house location! Can you source the wallpaper?

    1. Thanks so much for following along! The wallpaper was custom made by They can do any body of water you want!!


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