Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Upstairs Bathroom Planning

Supply chain challenges are slowing us down a bit - but planning is still moving forward!  And one of the rooms that we're pretty excited about is the upstairs bathroom.

The inspiration for the bathroom was this vanity.  The glass top and bowl have a sea glass look that will provide a focal point for the bathroom. 

Photo:  Wayfair

For flooring selection -  well, when I posted this on social media, many of your weighed in with your vote for best flooring.  But we ultimately chose the least popular option (circled below).  It's speckled finish looks like sand, which compliments the beachy vibe the homeowners want and it coordinates beautifully with the flooring.


For the tub/shower, we'll use a feature strip of this beach glass tile, mixed in with a simple white subway tile.

And to give the room a bit more character, we'll be installing this wallpaper.  I love the undulating wave like patterns - the perfect background for a beach cottage bath!

We are admittedly months away from being able to install all these fun finishes, but it's nice to have all the planning complete! 

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  1. Nice! It's fun watching this home build. I do love the wallpaper! Jan in MA

    1. Thanks so much for following along Jan!!


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