Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The Doors of SoPo Cottage

I recently had a reader ask me if I have a favorite color for painting a front door.  I was embarrassed to admit I'd never given it any thought.  But it inspired me to go back and take a look.
The Doors of SoPo Cottage

Do you see a theme?!! 😂. I obviously love blue!  It works well with white houses and cream houses.  But it was fun to see some goldenrod doors and a couple of red and black ones as well.  And the green door is still one of my favorites.

We've reached the point on the new project that I need to pick a door color. So I guess it won't come as a surprise that I'm thinking about blue!  I have several samples that I've tried.  Do you have a favorite? (BTW - this is a temporary door, the new one with glass is safely stored away until all the trades are finished).  I might go ahead and paint the temporary door the winner shade of blue, so we can really try it out while we wait for the house to be finished!

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