Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Shape of Things to Come

Centennial Cottage - Starting Point
We've made so much progress in the last couple of weeks!  What started as a set of plans is starting to look like a real house.  The structure is coming together and it's really taking shape!

Future Cottage with large addition

Framing goes pretty quickly, which is a good thing, since we want to get everything sealed up before winter really sets in.

The first floor addition is a large living room and new staircase.  The original staircase wasn't good for anyone over 5 feet tall - this will be a HUGE improvement!

The second floor will be the new master suite.

And the third floor is a bonus room with a rooftop deck.

As we got to the third floor, we were pretty excited to see the view.  Which is prettier?  The water or the copper colored leaves on the maple?  Ah beautiful!
And of course there is a lot of other work that will be done.  We are upgrading the service and moving the electrical meter to the new corner of the house (farewell electrical wires going across the front of the house!!).  The new service will let us install a heat pump, which will save on heating bills, and provide air conditioning!  That will be a fantastic change- my tenants told me that there was no airflow in the bedrooms over the summer.  It was stifling, so we obviously wanted to change that.

Will we get it all closed up before snow flies?  Well let's hope so!  At least we're off to a good start.
Executive Summary :-) 

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