Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Mid Mod Reveal - The Guest Suite

Meanwhile, back at the Mid Century Marvel project, I finally completed the guest suite.  This room started as the original master suite, but we decided to move the master to the end of the hall, away from the rest of the bedrooms.  That way when the whole family comes to visit, they can all be together (code for keep the little ones and their parents in close proximity!).

The room started with some great features.  Double closets along the left, a large skylight and an adjacent walk in closet and bathroom.

But there were some things we wanted to change.  We didn't need the mirror feature above the bed (but I did want a feature wall!).  The wall-to-wall carpeting had to go. And am I the only person out there that has never wanted a bidet???

The bathroom needed an update.  Yes, it's VERY cool that this is a 1968 vintage toilet, but you have to squat really, really low to get to the seat and it uses gallons of water with every flush.  

For the new design, we left the double closets and skylight (although we replaced it with a brand new one, when we redid the roof).  The windows, which did not meet fire code, were replaced with a new egress approved version.  And seriously, it made so much difference!  The skylight provided a lot of light, but the larger windows make it feel connected with the outdoors. 

And for the feature wall?  Well, I went bold!!!  A BLACK wall!  I can't remember where I originally saw this idea, but I couldn't wait to try it on our project.  It adds some drama, but with all the light in the room, we can totally make it work.
Guest Suite - Before
Black Feature Wall in Bedroom

The room still has two huge closets - don't you love the awesome MCM door pulls?  I've started stripping the paint off, to return them to a natural wood finish.

And I love this half bath.  The turquoise toilet and bidet were quite the statement pieces, but it was time to update with water efficient fixtures (less than 1 gallon per flush!!!).
See what a difference the new windows make!!  So light and bright!
I loved this tile from the moment I saw it.  But I had no idea how challenging it would be to install!  It was mesmerizing, in a keep-staring-at-it-until-you-can't-see-straight kind of way!  But I still love it!!  

The view from the corner to the hallway really shows how much has changed.

Bedroom with Black Wall

And I love this sweet chair.

Family and friends are already booking their stays!!!  Can't wait to give this guest suite a workout!
Black Wall Bedroom

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  1. Love, love, love! I did a black accent wall in a guest room 3 houses ago and loved it. When I would tell people I painted the wall black you could tell they didn’t think much for it, but then when they saw it the Loved it!

    1. The guys thought I was crazy when I laid out the design. They called it the jailhouse bars!!! But I do love it!

  2. Exquisite in so many ways, Laurel. You have such a gift for pulling all the elements together so beautifully!

  3. Bob and Emily lamps??

  4. I love our powder room in our Maine home, with black walls over white wainscoting. The painters weren't so wild about it -- apparently every little mark and wipe shows up on it. So I just have to be careful with what comes in contact with it. Your guest suite is gorgeous!


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