Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Design Trends? Lots of New Ideas!

For me, a highlight of every summer is attending the NY Now show, to get a preview of new trends that are coming in interior design.  It was a dark, moody Monday in Manhattan, but I didn't care, I was in the Javitz Center checking out lots of new products.  This year didn’t disappoint, with lots of fun things to see.

So, what was different from last year?  Well the most noticeable change was the return of color.  In the past I've seen a lot of white, but this year color was everywhere.  And surprisingly, gray wasn’t part of that color palette – maybe it’s finally starting to fade in popularity? 

Need a brightly colored pillow cover???  

And the color I saw the most?  Blue! Lots of blue hues, from soft pastels to navy. 

That's a lot of blue rugs!

For metal finishes, brass/gold is everywhere!! 

Another big trend was natural textures.  I saw lots of woven leather. 

And Richard enjoyed testing out some of the comfy looking chairs.

You'll see this cobbler mirror in a project we have planned for next year!

Textured pillows and wood were everywhere – stay tuned, you’ll see this cobbler’s mirror in a project we have planned for next year!    
Grasscloth, Linen and mini prints 
And I saw a lot of mix of contemporary and traditional, merged together, like this modern wing chair.  

For kids, there was the usual focus on pastels. So cute!! 

And finally, there was a lot of foliage.  I know we all hear that silk plants are history.  But they had a lot of them everywhere.  Lots of split leaf philodendrons, palms and the newest trend – rubber trees!

What was my favorite find?  These very cool birdhouses from a company called Five Ply.  Aren't they  adorable?  
I ordered lots of things that will be arriving soon.  Can't wait for them to get here!  

So what do you think - are these trends that appeal to you?  Or not??

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  1. Love,Love the Bird houses. My brother & Sister in-law down on the Cape think they may have a Cardinal couple moving in the back yard that backs up to the protected area.Been looking for a house so they might stay.Looks like a Christmas present for them in your picture.Thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad you like the birdhouses. I want to place and order, but can't make up my mind which one I like the best!!!


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