Wednesday, July 25, 2018


This place is shaping up so quickly!!  Our talented trades have been working non stop and it's making such a difference.  We have passed our structural, plumbing and electrical inspections and drywall is underway, so it seems like the right time to give you an update.

First, this was NOT supposed to be a gut job.  Yes, we were going to remove some walls, but I had still hoped to retain a lot of the original plaster.  But as we dug into it, the structural work we did necessitated lots of demolition.  And before I knew it, there were only a few untouched walls.

Yup - we had to jack up the walls!  
My mantra 'This is not a gut job' didn't work.  Take a look at this video to see the latest.

So what changed?  Well, we removed 4 load bearing walls, which required lots of steel beams to support the house above.

The old porch is now living space and leads to the home office and master suite.

This antique french door (which I've been hoarding away in my storage facility for a few years) is finally going to make an appearance as the door to the office.

The living spaces are fantastic - a big living room (complete with a gas fireplace), dining room and an open kitchen.
How to choose which light fixture to use?  Tape them in place!! 
Look at the sunlight flooding into the living room!!
And the kitchen is dramatically different.  It's hard to show a true before and after, because the flue from the old furnace was in the way, but look how the french door makes the room bright and light - with beautiful views to the large backyard.

Kitchen looking towards living room

Opening up the stairwell made such a huge difference for both the first and second floor!!  Now the space is bright and open - and wait till I get my giant light fixture in there!

What else?  Well, we had gas service brought to the house and installed a brand new high efficiency gas boiler (95.5% efficiency - wow!!)

We also insulated ceilings, walls and the tricky crawl space under the front porch (seriously, I'm glad I didn't have to climb through this window to apply the foam insulation.  Those guys do an amazing job!).
Foam applied on the crawl space ceiling

And we have framed up two, brand new bathrooms.  Once drywall is primed,  we will start finish work!    So what do you think??  Will this be a great home for a future owner?

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  1. I really enjoy seeing the work you do and your vision!

    1. So glad you enjoy reading the blog - stay tuned, we're getting to the fun stuff on this project!!

  2. It’s looking beautiful. You have always gone with your instinct that’s why they look so good in the end.They are done right and people know it. I don’t think one of your homes have made it through the open house with out selling. That’s called doing a great job. Wish some of the new home builders would pay attention to how you do such a nice job. They could use a lesson. I have seen them all. They cut corners at every chance. Really frustrating!

    1. Oh, thanks so much for the kind words!!! I try to make sure every home we do is one that I would want to live in. With that in mind, it helps provide guidance when we need to make decisions during the renovation process.

  3. Love, love, love the French door! And so happy to see the "Hobbit Hutch" still in place. This house is going to look awesome when you are done. Love following your progress on all your homes.

  4. Hi Laurel,
    Fun to watch another lovely house emerge through your creativity and hard work! Have you ever posted written directions for making the fabric valances that appear in some of your houses? Would love to add that bit of color to my all white kitchen.
    Thank you,

    1. That's a great suggestion!! They are so simple and easy to do. People ask me how to do it all the time - it would be nice to just point them to a blog post. I'll be starting some soon, maybe I'll remember to take photos this time!


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