Thursday, May 17, 2018

Summertime.....and the Living is Easy - on the Screened In Porch

As soon as I saw the 'bones' of this porch, I knew it could be an amazing asset to the house.  Sure, it was a bit tired and rough.  But there was also a lot of potential!

Look at that potential!!!
And the interior was a bit tired as well.  Just ready for some updating!

But I had to cool my jets on this for awhile.  With our crazy cold winter and snow, it wasn't a good time to get to work.  Many of the products we wanted to use require temperatures above 45 degrees (the screening product recommends 60 know, July in Maine! :-) )  So this was the very last project that we worked on before putting the house on the market.  It was a race to the finish!!!

First step - we needed a new, low maintenance ceiling.  A vinyl beadboard really brightens the porch up and is also easy to take care of.  Next we installed a dramatic fan/light.  Honestly, I really love this fan.  It has a classic charm, with the cage that's built around it.  Such a great statement piece!

Next, we tore out all the old screening and sanded down the original cedar posts.  After staining them with a transparent cedar stain, they look like new!  

Finally, we installed the screening - a product called ScreenEZ, which let us put up big clean panels with a special extra tough screen and a nice frame around the unit.
This photo was about an hour before people started coming to see the house.  I was in a panic, calling out 90 minutes!  We have 90 minutes!!!  But we got it done!!
And the result?  Well now this really is an extension of the living space.  You can leave the door open all summer and walk seamlessly from indoors to outdoors.  

See the fern stand?  That started life as the hot water holding tank from the original boiler in the basement.  Thanks to a little work, it's now a very cool planter!  

Porch - Before
 Can't you see yourself sitting out here on a warm summer evening???

Fan - Savoy House
Letter S - Ballard Designs
Pillows - Pottery Barn
Outdoor Rug - Target
Furniture - HomeGoods
Screening - ScreenEz, Hammond Lumber
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  1. From the "Before" photos, I would have said this porch should be ripped off and we start over, but you really pulled it off! Looks really inviting now. I love the copper planter too.


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