Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Best Kind of RePurposing

One of the things I love about my job is the interesting people I get to meet.  Case in point - Will, my new Craigslist friend.

You see, when cleaning out the house, we found this big plastic tub thing (technical term, I'm sure) up in the attic.  None of us had any idea what it was, but we found a label on it that said Lab Sink.  Huh.....still not sure what it was for and it's big!!  Almost 6 feet long and 3 feet wide.

I hated to just send it to a landfill, so I posted it on Craigslist as a 'free to good home'.  And what a great home was waiting for it!

Will Zinn reached out to me with a great idea.  You see, he bought a house in North Deering last year with a large piece of land.  He thought it would be great for a community garden and posted a satellite photo of it on Facebook and asked if anyone wanted to help clear it.  Fast forward a few months and the Portland Recovery Community Garden was born.  And thanks to donations - from Skilins Greenhouse, Greencare Landscaping (I love those guys!) and Garbage to Garden, they've been able to grown the garden and get everything in order.

The garden is available for anyone recovering from substance abuse to come help work in the garden.  It provides a great opportunity to meet other people, spend time outdoors and see the benefits of their labor.  Because the vegetables that they raise are available free to all the participants!

He wants to use the giant sink as a bed for growing herbs.  With its built in slope and drain hole, it's pretty perfect for that application.  And I love that it will be used by so many in our local area.

Will's invited me to come take a look at the herb garden, once they get it set up in the Lab Sink.  I can't wait!  Isn't that a great way to save something from a landfill and find a new use for it?  Win - win for everyone!!

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  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it great??? I love how this worked out!

  2. google tells me that photoco inc in cleveland ohio is a wholesale supplier of photographic equipment. my guess is that this is a chemically resistant sink originally intended for washing film or darkroom tools.

    The community garden sounds pretty awesome! So fun to hear about all the different community groups that helping in this way.

    1. Oh cool - thanks for the research!! It was buried under so much stuff, we didn't even see the label until we got it outside and took a photo for Craigslist!

  3. Great ending and glad to hear one more item is being repurposed instead of going into the landfill.


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