Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wonderful Willard

Fisherman's Point - Willard Beach
As the weather transitions from winter to spring, it's a great time to appreciate this beautiful area where we renovate houses.  Should we pinch ourselves?  How did we get so lucky, to live in such a beautiful place?

Sunrise over Willard Beach
There aren't many neighborhoods with such beauty - and yet you can still walk to restaurants, stores and parks.
Willard Square and Scratch Bakery
Dogs love to run on Willard Beach
Where else can you find beaches, lighthouses, quirky treasures and beautiful antique buildings, in such abundance?
Cottages and more cottages....

And the natural beauty is just breathtaking.
Spring Point Lighthouse and Fort Gorges

Willard Beach
 This is a neighborhood that has evolved over the last 150 years..... and you can tell.

Willard Square - Early 20th Century
It's not a planned community where everything looks the same.  We have houses that were built 150 years ago - and others that are brand new - that all work together to provide an eclectic style.
Thankfully the snow has finally melted!!
And of course this is Maine, so elements of the waterfront are all
around us.
View of Portland Head Light from Fisherman's Point 
View of Spring Point Lighthouse and Fort Gorges from Fisherman's Point

Whether it's the lobsterman with his lobster traps in the yard,

or the lobster buoys decorating a fence

or a boat that's almost as big as the house, there is a character and vibe that is uniquely Maine.

But what really makes a neighborhood special are the people.  You notice that, when you're chatting in line at Scratch Bakery or dancing with the crowd at the annual Willard Fest.  It's a warm, inviting place, filled with lovely people.
Photo:  Sue Lessard
Photo:  Sue Lessard
And of course, now that the leaves are coming out on the trees and the sun is shining later in the day, it just gets better and better!  We are lucky, indeed, to call Willard Beach home! 
Willard Beach on an early spring day

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  1. What an lovely post! A love note to small town Maine. I loved it. Thanks.

    1. A love note!!! What a great way to put it!! That's it exactly :-)


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