Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Update: New Master Suite

Lots of progress around here!  We have walls and some lights and it's starting to look like a house someone could live in. So I wanted to share one of the key features of the Ugly Duckling - the new Master Suite.  It's part of the new addition, so I can't show any before photos, but the during pics are pretty exciting!  

It's accessed from the main hallway
Don't you love the new porthole window???  

Entrance to Master Suite
 - but is located a couple of steps down from the rest of the second floor, making it a private retreat for the owners.

Here's the floorpan.  It includes a big bedroom, with a large walk in closet and a master bath.

Check out the high ceilings in the bedroom, with a vaulted ceiling framed by the gambrel roofline on the front of the house. Won't that make the perfect sitting area?

The bank of windows on the far wall will frame the bed - bringing light into the room, while maintaining privacy.

And don't you love the water views from the back window?  It's the perfect spot for a desk, so you can gaze out the window for inspiration while you work.  Or to watch the Casco Bay Ferry going by.

There is also a big, walk in closet, which will have lots of shelving and space for hanging clothes.

The master bath will be a combination of elegant features and modern conveniences.  As you see in the mood board below, we'll have a large shower - including the patterned marble feature wall.  And I'm pretty excited to see the glass 'barn-door' that we'll use across the front of the shower.

A double vanity will make the space functional for a busy couple, getting ready in the morning.  And it provides lots of storage space with drawers and cabinets.  We are featuring Watermark fixtures - made in Brooklyn, they are a beautiful accent for the room.  I love these luxurious, heavyweight fixtures!   Finally, the Pottery Barn sconces and ceiling fixture will make the whole space nice and bright.
Future Master Bath 
What do you think?  Will this be a tranquil get away for the future owners?

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  1. It's really too bad all your houses are in Maine! I need somewhere further South with significantly less snow and where winter only lasts 3 months ;)

    In all seriousness, your work is lovely!! I am always excited to see the final product!

    1. Thanks so much!!! And our snow this year has been a bit crazy!!! I think we broke a record for snowfall in March. Way too much shoveling!!

  2. Beautiful. I want it, all of it!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the round window in the hall and all the little nooks like the desk area. You really understand why people love old houses; it is great that this addition still has those charming old house features but with big closets, double vanities and all the things folks want today.

    As soon as I hit the lottery I'm hiring you to do a house for me!

    1. It's so funny - that round window was a last minute add. Once we got the hallway framed up, I realized it was a dark spot. And the only thing that made sense was a porthole window. Now it's one of my favorite features!

  4. Lovely. Can I ask a boring question? Who keeps the job site so darn clean? I've never seen such an immaculate project. Impressive.

    1. Ha ha - I wish I could say it was always that clean, but that's not the case! Our painter sprays everything, so the drywall guys and I do a thorough cleaning, before he comes in. And then I took photos, right after he finished! I can assure you, it's not quite as pretty today :-)


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