Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Decision Overload....or How to Not Go Crazy During a Major Renovation

At this point in a project, it's always a bit stressful.  The house is torn apart, the walls are just starting to be built - and your electrician wants to know where the light fixtures will go, your plumber wants to know where the kitchen sink and gas line will be and your carpenters want to know how big to frame the doors that you haven't picked out yet.  Argh!!!!

My Pinterest Board for the Gambrel
At the same time, you have an overflowing Pinterest board, a Houzz idea board and a dog eared manilla folder with magazine clippings spilling out of it.  There is no shortage of inspiration, but you need to make the selections (without breaking your budget!).

After numerous renovations, where I felt like I didn't have the right answer at my fingertips, I created this spreadsheet to help me make sure I have the right information at the right time.  And no, you don't have to have every single light fixture picked out at the beginning of the project, but you do need to know if you want a wall sconce vs. ceiling light, because the wiring gets completed very early.

This built in medicine cabinet needs framing done before drywall 
And I need to include a note about long lead items.  Some things take a very, very long time to arrive.  For example, I'm in the process of ordering a custom, copper range hood that has a 7 week lead time.  Fancy tile can take even longer.  The same with kitchen cabinets.  So make sure and understand how long it will take to get these things, so you'll have them when you're ready.

Is it foolproof?  Hardly.  When renovating an old house, things don't usually go according to plan.  You need to be ready to make changes and substitutions, depending on the conditions you find in your house.  But it's not a bad place to start!

Hope you find it helpful!

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  1. And this is one reason why I enjoy reading about renovation instead of doing renovation! I truly appreciate seeing all your "heavy lifting" so that I can admire the fruits of your labor. You never disappoint!

    1. Thanks so much Kathleen! Oddly, I enjoy all the craziness of a renovation - glad that you enjoy hearing the journey!! Stay tuned, this one is getting interesting!

  2. Love the Six Sigma project spreadsheet!!



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