Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bungalow Bathrooms - Before and After

Many of you are big fans of Mamie Eisenhower pink bathrooms (click here for more info), but truth be told - I'm relieved to see the pink go.  This wasn't a true, vintage pink bathroom, just a mid century re-do with pink tile.  It was time for an update!

We wanted to retain a traditional vibe, so we swapped pink tile with crisp white wainscoting around the perimeter of the room and a cararra marble floor.  And with all that white, we did something a bit more dramatic with blue walls - Sherwin Williams color Favorite Jeans (that name cracks me up!).

Carrara marble ovals - traditional with a modern twist

The guys built custom shelves next to the shower, to provide some additional storage

I've become a big fan of Wayfair and found this vanity light, which has traditional lines with a modern twist.
E. B. White quote
And thanks to all the work we did, we now have a second bathroom upstairs.  Here's where we started - an empty space....

that needed some structural work to increase ceiling heights and make it a livable space.

Now it's a calming space, perfect for relaxing in that big, freestanding tub!
I really wanted a chandelier up over the tub, but while it might be to code in other towns, the only thing I was allowed to do here was a water approved spotlight.  Still looks nice - but I would have like a little more drama!!!
There is a large, separate shower
Don't you love the hexagonal stone floor?
Vanity with lots of storage
We included lots of reclaimed lumber in here - the wall is made up of the roof sheathing that we saved from the dormer we cut for the new bedroom.  The old rafters are now collar ties at the ceiling line.  And we even used some of the lumber for the new towel rack!

 As you can imagine, these two rooms took a huge amount of work.  But so worth it - don't you think?

Bathroom Sconces - Wayfair - double sconce
Freestanding Tub - American Standard
Sink and Shower Faucet - American Standard from Wayfair
Vanity - Home Decorator's Collection
Wall colors - first floor Sherwin Williams Favorite Jeans, 2nd floor Sherwin Williams Steamed Milk
Maine Print - Might and Main - EB White Quote

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  1. Lovely, I could live in that upstairs bathroom!

  2. So tiles? Where did you source the tiles? You can drive yourself crazy price shopping your tile order.

    Really appreciate your thoughtful use of reclaimed wood. I found a guy on Craig's List who just took down a barn. He actually had a barn door the exact size we need for $75. Hooray.

    I gotta many dumpsters for this house? It's amazing how much debris these old homes shed and how many materials they absorb. It's like feeding the beast.

    Can't wait to hear about offers on the bungalow. Hope you are well into negotiations. The blog is great advertising; buyers can see that both craftsmanship and fine materials go into your projects. Just super work here Laurel. Look forward to the next one.
    Happy 4th!

    1. Hi Kim - Thanks so much for all the kind words! This was a really great project.

      I got the tiles from Paul G. White in Portland. Sorry - can't remember the name of the manufacturer. And yes, you can go CRAZY trying to decide on tiles. Regarding dumpsters, it was a difficult property for a dumpster, so we only used a small dump trailer. With all the reclaimed wood, on demo day, we only used one. And then we probably used 5-6 additional dump loads. So for a project this big, that was not a lot!

      Great job on your barn door find! Well done! Best of luck with your project,



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