Monday, May 11, 2015

Bathroom Design with a Sea Glass Color Scheme

We wanted to put a full bath on the first floor of the house.  With the nearby beach, that often means sandy dogs coming home from their walk and a first floor bathtub to clean them up seemed like a really smart idea.  Yes, it is all about the dogs!  But we also wanted to have an extra bathroom when we have a house full of guests.

I was thrilled when our contractor Joe called me to say he'd found an old clawfoot tub for $50!  Score!!

But I quickly learned that there were a lot of additional costs involved.  First, we had to refinish it ($350).  Then I had to find a faucet.  I wanted one with a handheld shower attachment (yup - better for dog washing).  Several years ago I'd bought a cheap one and within a year the hose broke and the kids ended up spraying gallons of water all over the bathroom.  So this time I was much smarter and bought a nice quality faucet, supply lines and matching shut off ($850 - geezz!).  Suddenly, my bargain tub wasn't looking like quite the bargain I had hoped for.

For the overall design, I wanted to stay with our beach cottage theme.  I wanted to use sea glass blue/greens.  I started with fabric for the window treatments and found this great design and color scheme from Maine Cottage.
Photo:  Maine Cottage

Next, I found this tumbled marble in sandy beige with sea glass inserts for the floor.  And it was on clearance because it was discontinued!  Seriously, I wish they still made this tile - I'd use it over and over.  It hides any sand that gets tracked into the room and the sea glass just seems to glow.  As you can see from the install photo, I wanted to do a 'rug' border with the pattern.

For the vanity, I found this beautiful glass top.  It wasn't the exact same color of sea glass blue as the floor, but the fabric helped pull all the colors together.  And in nature, sea glass comes in many shades of blue and green!

And to go with the glass top, I found this white vanity with bead board insets by Avanti.

Finally, for the walls, I wanted to continue the vintage cottage look.  So I decided to install bead board wainscotting.  It's also a great backdrop for the bathtub, which I wanted to paint a sea glass blue.

For the wall color,  I wanted a complimentary shade of blue above the bead board - to add to the color palette and to give a pop above the white bead board.

So - the design was complete.  Now we just needed to get far enough on the project to start installing it!

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