Sunday, March 22, 2015

Encaustic Tile

I recently posted this photo on Facebook - I took at a fast food restaurant.  It shows some of the most brightly colored encaustic tile I've ever seen.  And actually, I'm starting to see a lot of encaustic tile around.  But the response to my post was interesting - people seemed to love it or hate it.  There wasn't much middle of the road!

This isn't a new trend.  It goes back to medieval times - it was very fashionable during the reign of Henry the VIII.  And again during the Victorian period.  The design on the top of the tile isn't stamped on, it's actually the top layer of the tile, so it can't be worn away.

These new, modern designs are made with concrete, creating a very durable surface.  But they mimic the ancient styles.

And it's seeing a resurgence in the 21st century.  I'm starting to see them in lots of places, including the big box stores.  And if you go online, there are a myriad of choices.  This one from Granda Tile, gives you the ability to pick your design, color combination and then view it in a room!  And there are lots of style and colors to choose from.

Apartment Therapy recently shared this beautiful, rustic kitchen with an encaustic tile floor.  Isn't it a beauty?  The floor really sets the stage for the rest of the room.
Photo:  Jessica Helgerson

And what do you think of this bathroom floor?  The simple grey and white pattern really makes a statement.  And it seems contemporary and a bit traditional at the same time.

Photo Houzz

Or, if you really want something with a pop, what about this one from Houzz?   (and I really want that tub!)
So love it or hate it, it's pretty versatile and I think it's a style we'll start to see more of!  In fact, I'm tempted to use it in the bathroom of our next project.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE the way they used the tile in the last picture - the colors in the tile make the room look so warm. The rustic kitchen is also beautiful. I am on this bandwagon 100%!


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