Thursday, September 4, 2014

Demo's Done - The Tenant's Unit

Like the owner's unit, the Tenant's Unit saw a lot of demolition as well.  But we configured this unit differently, to provide a large first floor bedroom as well as an open floor plan from front to back.

Here is the dining room before - a nice space, but really closed off from the kitchen.

Phase 1 starts to open up the space.  But we'll need to put in some structural beams, before we can open it up any further.

The kitchen was gutted, but we got an unfortunate surprise.  The common wall between the two kitchens is only 2 1/4' wide - not wide enough for modern plumbing code.  It's also pitched at an awkward angle, which will prevent us from hanging the cabinets level.  So, after much discussion, we realize the entire wall needs to come down and be replaced with new, level studs.  And remember the popcorn ceiling with the big hole in it?  Well it's history!

Like the bathroom next door, this one needed to have all the old fixtures removed.  And after pulling everything out, we realized we need to gut even more, to clean up the space.  We'll also remove the window that was hidden behind the shower wall.  
And remember the two tiny first floor bedrooms?  Well we removed the closet in between them and now we have a giant bedroom!  And we're building new closets on either side of the window, to provide lots of clothes storage.

But the space that I'm most excited about?  The 2nd floor.  We took down all the old walls on the knee wall side and suddenly we've recovered lots of useful space.  This is where we'll add a new bathroom, expanded closet and a big bedroom space.
2nd floor before
2nd floor after gutting walls

Master Bedroom Before
Next steps?  Starting to put it all back together again!  

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  1. Reading your demolition work posts always gives me a catharsis :-) Wanna do the same to our wall and open up the space, someday!

    1. I never cease to be amazed at how much bigger a space feels with walls opened up!

  2. It looks amazing already! I fully concur with Anonymous - these posts are cathartic.


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