Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Demo Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.....well you get the idea.....

Now that the planning is complete, we're ready to go!  The guys arrived bright and early with pry bars, sledge hammers and lots of sawz all blades!  Summer time is really busy for the crew, so they are squeezing us in when they have some availability.  So we'll be doing this in stages.

I started by marking all the walls throughout both units.  With a crew of 5 guys with sledgehammers working at once - it's important to have everything clearly marked!

Living Room & Dining Room Before
So here are the pictures of the Owners Unit - hopefully you'll start to see the floor plan turn into reality, as we start eliminating walls.

Now the living room is a big space, with half a dozen windows flooding the room with light.  Can you believe how big it is???  And we were able to keep the original china cabinet!

The new dining room was created as we removed the walls from the old bedroom.  Once the new LVL beams are installed for structural support, we will be able to remove the rest of the wall (on the left) to the kitchen.
After lots of thought, we decided to completely redo this kitchen.   The old cabinets couldn't be easily configured to accommodate a dishwasher and still have a logical set of upper cabinets in place.  So we decided to start from scratch and create a beautiful new kitchen.  That means this room will get a total gut job.  And of course it will use a big chunk of our budget.  But in the long run, we think this is a good place to spend the money (remember the old adage - kitchens and bathrooms sell houses)

And good news - that's original hardwood flooring (we think red birch) under all that linoleum!!!

The bathroom needed a significant upgrade, so we pulled out all the old fixtures.  I can't wait to get rid of that dark green paint.  With no windows, this bathroom feels like a cave.

And while the master bedroom didn't see a lot of changes, the master bath seems so much larger, now that we've removed the extra wall.  Once we install the new larger skylight, it will be lighter and brighter as well.   
In the master bedroom, now that the old carpet has been removed, the musty smell is gone and the space seems much fresher!

Next up - The Tenant's Unit!

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