Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The $2,800 Light Fixture!

Now, I'm a serious bargain shopper.  I'm always looking for a great 'deal'.  But I might have outdone myself on this one!

I stop by our local ReStore (sponsored by Habitat for Humanity) on a pretty frequent basis.  I love to see if they have anything new, or to drop off some donations from our projects. And I love that all their revenue goes towards Habitat for Humanity projects.  

On one recent trip, I discovered they had a big selection of brand new light fixtures, all donated from  a local lighting store's floor samples.  

Source:  Morton Furniture
It was like hitting the jackpot.  I bought 7 of them!  But the one I was most excited about was this beautiful Craftsman style fixture.  It's large, made of cherry wood and bronze, and is exquisite.  I knew it would be perfect in the breakfast room of our latest project!  

But I was curious what company made it and how much it cost originally.  I paid $250 and thought it was a good deal, but when you're a bargain hunter, you want to quantify how good the deal is!  So I started hunting on the internet and after lots of searching, I finally found it.  It's made by a company called Cherry Tree Design in Bozeman, Montana.  And while it seems to have been discontinued, it's MSRP is $2,844.00.  Gulp!  That's like my lighting budget for an entire house!  

So, it now has a special place of honor in the guest room, until we're ready for fixture installation.  I don't want to take a chance with it in the storage facility.  Now that I know how much it's worth, I'm taking extra good care of it.   I can't wait to see what it looks like installed!

Don't you love a great bargain??

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  1. THAT is a good shopping day. Well done.

  2. Ha ha.....thanks!!! I'm tickled pink with my bargain! Now we just need to get the room done, so we can get it installed!


  3. It's beautiful, lucky girl.


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