Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beach Cottage - The Hall Bath

I'd like to call this a 'Before & After' post, but since there wasn't a bathroom on the 2nd floor when we started the project, that doesn't seem quite right!  But this bath is one of my favorite rooms in the house, so I wanted to share some pics with you.

For starters, we wanted this room to be a bit distinctive.  I started with the tile mosaic floor.  It took some time to install - but I'm really pleased with it.  The outer edge is a travertine marble called 'Cafe au Lait'.  The ovals are a blend of 3 different marbles and the center is a grecian white marble.  What do you think?

And I echoed the banding in the floor with this accent marble stripe around the tub surround.  And since we have a cathedral ceiling in here, I took the tub surround up extra high!

We used a half wall at the end of the tub.  I've done this in several houses (including one of our own) because 1) it keeps the bathroom open and bright and 2) you can use a shower curtain at the end of the shower, but in reality, very little water makes it that far (and the wall cap is made of PVC, so no worries about moisture).

To add a little more light, we included the Restoration Hardware pendant.  I love that it is glass on the top and bottom, adding more light into the room.

I've already talked about our very cool reclaimed wood vanity - but if you missed it, here's the link.  I paired it with this dramatic mirror and a gunmetal finish on the light fixture.

But my favorite accent?  These numbered towel hooks.  Instead of the typical towel bar, we thought something special would be more appropriate.  And these are fun!

What do you think?

Marble - Paul G White in Portland -  Cafe au Lait, dalTile.  Ovals, SoHo Tile
Vanity Base - Pottery Barn
Toilet - Toto
Shower Sign - Pottery Barn
Towel Hooks - Amazon
Mirror - Roth & Allen

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  1. I like the colors, I'm just not sure the rectangle of marble and stones works with the other tiles. Maybe it's that the vanity isn't centered in the rectangle. I'm a very geometric person!

  2. I am not crazy about the dark brown large tile. It's not as light and "beachy" as I was expecting. I think that it is competing rather than complementing the inset tile. I love the inset tile, but I agree with the earlier commenter that it would be even better if it related geometrically with the rest of the space--centered on something. The hooks are fun and relate well to the vanity.

  3. the previous two commentors are complete morons! we know what we like leave it to the pros putz!

  4. Looks like you did this a while ago, but any chance you remember the dimensions of the bathroom? We are remodeling a house and I had thought about a similar layout for one of the baths. I'm hoping that it would fit in the space.

    1. That was a long time ago! My guess is 8 feet long by a little over 7 wide. I often make cardboard cutouts for the space I’m working in. It lets you figure out what will work best - especially if you have sloped ceilings!

  5. Another new comment on an old post.. hope you’re still around. I have a question for you. I have an almost identical tub surround setup, using a half wall and L-shaped curtain rod.. do you pull the curtain all the way around when in use? I believe if I read the it correctly you just leave it open, if that’s the case do you usually have to worry about water back there? And if you do pull it all the way around, do you not have to worry about the shower curtain getting in the back of the tub and getting wet? Any advise with this kind of setup would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Another new comment on an old post. I have an almost identical set up at my house with a half wall tub surround and an L-shaped shower curtain. If I read the post correctly it seems as though you only use the shower curtain in front of the tub. If that’s the case, how bad is the water in the back? And if you do use the curtain all the way around the tub do you ever have any issues with the shower curtain dripping into the tub and getting wet? Any tips on this kind of setup would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks!

  7. If you make the pony wall at the back of the ‘L’ at least 48 inches tall, it will catch most of the water. The shower curtain can only be pulled around to the ceiling bracket connection (corner of the L) at the ceiling , but can drape across part of the back of the tub. So again, very little splash can escape!


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