Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stuff, Stuff & More Stuff…….the Challenges of Staging

I frequently get asked where I keep all the staging stuff for the houses I renovate.  The simple answer - everywhere!
Big Storage Unit

2nd Storage Unit
We have 2 storage facilities that are packed.  And Richard keeps reminding me that I can't add another one!!!  With my shopaholic tendencies and pack rat nature, that makes it hard.  We rented the largest space they had - 10 x 20 - and quickly realized that wasn't enough space.  So we keep overflow in the second unit.   And as we work on each house, they start to fill up fast.  For example:  I try to keep all the light fixtures in there (so they stay safe), until they're ready to be installed.  I also have sinks and other things I've found for great prices.  Not to mention rooms and rooms of furniture.

Rolling Storage Unit!
My car looks like this.

And our guest room isn't habitable at this point.

There are also various things squirreled away in the basement and corners of the dining room.  At this point in the project, Richard just shakes his head in dismay.

We hope to have the Beach Cottage finished soon, so we can empty out the storage units and take inventory of what we really need.  I'm thinking we might need a staging sale after this house is done, just to whittle down all the stuff!

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  1. I will travel to Maine to shop your staging sale! As if I need more stuff. I have my own storage unit to clean out.

    1. Ha ha….it is hard to part with things, isn't it??? And yet I can't pass up a bargain on something I really like.

  2. I've had "stuff" packed into a large storage unit for the past year and half while getting ready to have our house built. I'm not even sure what's in there anymore. I'm guessing we'll be having a big yard sale.


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