Friday, February 14, 2014

Milestones and Thank You

It was a little over 2 years ago that I dropped out of the corporate world and started an 'encore career' doing something crazy like buying old houses and renovating them.  As I made the transition, I wanted to stay in touch with friends and family (who obviously thought I was nuts!), so I started a blog to let them follow along with our adventures.

And in that same amount of time, we've renovated 4 houses and have number 5 (and soon 6) underway.  I've had the honor of working with wonderful people - true craftsman in their fields, networked with lots of folks and loved ever minute of it.

This week, we hit a major milestone with 1000 Facebook fans and well over 300,000 page views.  I find those numbers absolutely staggering and can't tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to read along and share our adventures.

There are many days when I come home dirty, tired and a bit discouraged with whatever little crisis the day presented.  But when I share our updates - your support, encouragement and humor has been invaluable.  It's helpful to laugh at the craziness and know that, when we're done, these houses will have a new lease on life and be a wonderful place for the new owners.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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  1. Congratulations, Laurel! I enjoy watching your thoughtful reinvention of the homes you take on. Your layout decisions and decorating choices lend themselves well to almost any homebuyer. I'm sure those are some of the reasons you sell these homes so quickly. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Candice! I really appreciate it!!

  2. Congrats! As someone that is blogging about building a new home and reading yours about rehabing them, I find that there is a lot in common (and not just the frustrating parts) and I enjoy reading about yours. Thanks for sharing.


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