Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mother Nature's Challenges: Ice, Snow, Sunset 4:04 pm, 15 Degrees

Mother Nature has thrown us some challenges, as we kicked off this project.  We delayed the start of the project for an ice/snow/sleet storm, and we've had additional snow showers each day.  And while the 'average' temp in December should be in the 30's, it was 15 degrees today.

But that didn't slow anyone down!  Despite a thick layer of ice everywhere, the dumpster driver popped the dumpster into our narrow driveway without any issues.

The crew from Exterior Alterations quickly started peeling the 2nd floor off of the house.  They cut a hatch through the roof and used that to toss debris into the dumpster.

First step was to pull out all the interior walls and finishes - but we kept reusable elements like built in dresser drawers that we can use again.

Next step was cutting away sections of the roof, so they could be safely moved to the dumpster.

New meaning to 'skylight' at the top of the stairs!
As the roof disappeared, we suddenly had a lot more light flooding into the first floor!

It was so odd to stand out in the open on top of the 1st floor.

The neighbors have already remarked on how quickly the project is moving forward.  We had to remind them that demo is fast - rebuilding will take a tad longer  :-)

Stay tuned as we start the new roof and do the first floor demolition.  Lots more photos to come!

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  1. Great seeing the progress, Laurel! I'm sure you've probably learned of our next weather challenge - Sunday's nor'easter. 'Tis the season!

  2. Ha ha - ain't it the truth! Check out yesterday's photo on Facebook. They guys pushed through to get the roof on the 2nd floor in record time!!!


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