Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Design Trends - Yes or No?

We wanted to do something a bit different, as we planned the design for the Beach Cottage.  We want to stay with colors that are typical of the beach - sand, sea, shells, etc.  But don't want to go overboard on the 'beachy' theme.  We also want to keep it fresh and updated, as we break away from the original 1940's design.

So I thought it would be interesting to see what the big design trends are for 2014.  But I always tread softly around trends.  I have 2 design rules that I always follow.  1)  For semi-permanent elements (i.e. tile, lighting, flooring, expensive furnishings, etc), go with classics and neutrals.  2)  For easy to change elements (fabrics, paint, accessories, etc), be bold and try something new.

Source:  WSJ
And there are lots of trends and predictions out there as we get ready to start a new year!  Here's a brief set of highlights:

The Wall Street Journal has 5 top picks:  Macrame wall hangings (please no!!!  I don't think I can live through that again!!), Corduroy fabrics, sheers for windows, Art Deco colors (amethyst, topaz, rose quartz, etc), and Venetian marbled paper prints (the swirly kind that you find inside of old books).

House Beautiful has their own predictions, from some of the top bloggers around the country: A Bevy of Blues, including a lot of Navy (that's something I think we could use!), soft black and white (nice!), traditional/timeless design, mixing and matching metallics, farewell to beige or greige and lots more color, including dark, moody walls!
Source:  House Beautiful
Elle Decor predicts: Bejeweled Kitchens (think cabinets in gemstone colors), honey toned woods, turquoise, animal hide upholstery, and the end of distinction between indoors and out. 
Source:  Elle Decor
Zillow compiles their own trend predictions, based on the most popular photos on their website (a pretty cool way to compile data!).  Their predictions include:  Black countertops in kitchens, dark paint colors and open shelving/glass front cabinets.   

I think I'm a bit partial to the House Beautiful predictions.  And I'm curious, which trends do you like?  Which do you dislike?  Will you be trying any of these in 2014?  I'd love to hear your perspective!

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  1. I vote the House Beautiful selections. Tired of beige and neutral.

    1. So, would you ever be brave enough to paint a room or wall a deep, 'moody' color? I'm not sure I'm quite that brave!!!

    2. We just did a client's bedroom in a super dark blue, with a lighter tone of the same color on the ceiling and in and adjoining reading nook -- everyone loves it!

    3. I'm not sure I'd have the guts to go with a really dark blue……but it sounds fantastic!!! I'll be your clients are thrilled!

  2. I think that neutral colors are best. I prefer soft beiges, taupe's, crème, ivory, light yellows. The reason I like these colors are because it gives you the opportunity to change things like pillows, throws, rugs, etc. to welcome in the seasons. It gives you a basic pallet to work from and then you just accessorize for the season. I also think it looks simple and elegant, since it's a home for purchase I think any prospective buyer would appreciate it and then could build their own color or theme around it. Regardless, I know it will come out beautiful with Laura's ideas.

  3. Macrame? What? No. I think the HB suggestions are right on. Seeing lots of those dark colors and I've been adding a lot of navy to my own home. I don't think the neutrals and greiges are making much of an exit though because you need a good dose of neutral to balance out bold colors.

  4. My tastes run closer to the House Beautiful predictions. Macrame....never. I didn't like it the first time around...even as a kid I thought it was gross! Give me clean, uncluttered, simple and elegant. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I need light. I'm afraid the dark navy would suck up all the light in the room.


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