Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Addicted to Demo!

At long last, our plans are firmed up, we have a permit from the City and we're ready to go!  And in a few short days, we've made tremendous progress.  Demo is fast and the difference is dramatic (putting a house back together, however, is not as easy.....but more about that in future posts). I wish everything moved this quickly - it's so exciting!  And definitely habit forming :-)

Here are the highlights:

Wall elimination - we removed the wall between the foyer and living room.  Wow, what a fantastic change!  The foyer was very narrow and made the space very dark.  Now that the wall is removed, we have lots of space and light.  And the living room feels huge!

We also opened up the wall between the kitchen and dining room.  This really ties the spaces together and gives a much nicer flow to the first floor.

Next project - removing the old back staircase, so we can close up the master bedroom space.  But we had a couple of uh-ohs.  We had planned to keep the original plaster ceiling in the dining room.  However, one misstep resulted in a big chunk of plaster crashing to the floor.  So we'll be redoing that!

The last 'deconstruction' was the wall between the upstairs bathroom and bedroom.  We'll be moving things around, to create a hallway to the new master bedroom.

But the uh-ohs struck again. The bathroom faucet sprung a leak - which quickly created a cascade of water in the kitchen.  Hours after we got that cleaned up and the buckets put away......you guessed it, the toilet got on the wrong side of a pry bar and it was raining in kitchen again.
It's raining in the kitchen
So much for reusing this toilet......

There's one other major demo task to complete.  Once we met with the City for permit applications, we discovered that their requirements for the garage sent the cost estimate up into the stratosphere.  Keep in mind, this is a garage that you can't actually get a car into!  So, we finally had to admit defeat, and the garage will need to be torn down.  I'll take lots of photos and share that in a separate post.

But it's not all bad news.  Now that we aren't sinking as much budget into the garage, we'll be adding a half bath to the master bedroom.  Hooray!  That will be a very nice addition!

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  1. Oh boy, lots of work. Hope things get better for you soon. Mary in NY

  2. I have an idea for you. There I can see lots of extra space under the stairs. So you can make shelves there and use that space for storing your belongings.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Rony. Did you mean the space under the main staircase? That has the staircase that goes down to the basement - which has lots of storage space!!!


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