Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Craft Room - Before and After

Do you remember this room?  I asked all our readers for their vote on how to stage it - and 'Craft Room' was the overwhelming winner.

We didn't make huge changes in here.  The paneling was painted white (a big job, to keep the tannins from bleeding through), some molding was added to dress up the desk, and new carpeting was installed.  But the difference is pretty dramatic - now it looks fresh, light and bright.

Thanks to my friend Faith, who has the most incredible craft room you could ever see, I had lots of cool props to borrow for the staging (don't you love Penelope the mannequin?).

And local artist Cooper Dragonette lent us some of his amazing paintings - which inject color and style to a room that could have been a little too white.  Aren't they beautiful?

And last, but not least, is my mother's circa 1970 Sears Kenmore sewing machine - which I still use on a regular basis!

The room is so nice, I'd like to start sewing here!

Pendant - Home Decorator's Collection, Home Depot
Chair - Crate & Barrel
Cool Craft Stuff - Faith's Craft Room!
Paintings - Cooper Dragonette, Cape Elizabeth, ME

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  1. Awesome! It turned out beautiful!

    On another subject, can you tell us a little about the master bedroom closet? :)


  2. Wow, love this room! Especially love those paintings!

  3. PERFECT!! Glad you listened to the Universe on this one. ;)

  4. Love what you've done to the house. It's beautiful! I'm still sewing an a Kenmore sewing machine from 1965!!

  5. It's great as a craft room, and easily could change into a study or office. Nice job. Love all the props! Mary in NY


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