Monday, March 11, 2013

Progress Update - Beams Up, Walls Gone, Love the Open Floor Plan!

Wow, we've made huge progress around here in the last week or so.  It's starting to look like a house, instead of a demolition project!  Okay, well maybe a dirty, dusty house, but at least we have drywall instead of studs now!

First up:  the antique beams are in place.  Thanks to the folks over at Portland Architectural Salvage, we now know that our beams came from the 1794 Zeblon Tricky house in Westbrook, Maine.

We are in awe over this old wood.  After all, if the trees were used in 1794, when do you think this tree started growing?  Look how tight the tree rings are on this old growth wood!

View from front door - Before

With the beams in, the floor plan has that spacious feel we were going for.  Here are a couple of photos to give you an idea how much it opens up the space.  I marked the one wall that didn't you can see the difference.  It's pretty dramatic!

View from front door - During
Current View - Wow, what a difference!!
 The changes are also dramatic when you enter from the garage.  Before, you had a half wall, the scary basement steps and a big wall of closets taking up a lot of space.  Now, it's light, bright and open!  We'll be ready for kitchen cabinets in no time.
Current View - nice and open 
This week we'll get the dry wall mudded and ready for paint.  Stay tuned, I'll have more pictures soon!!

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  1. Wow, looking great! You would never guess that there was a "scarecase" in that kitchen! Nice to see the washroom enclosed too :)

    1. Scarecase.....I like that!

      We are ALL so happy to have real walls around the bathroom. It got a bit tricky last week, when we had to demolish the last couple of walls (we held off as long as possible to try and maintain some level of privacy)! But now we're in great shape!

      Thanks again for following along with our adventure,

  2. Seriously (not) disappointed to see that the awesome (awful) vinyl is gone.
    Your eye is impeccible!


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