Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Adding Personality With Artwork

Have you ever gone into a room that has beautiful furnishings and fabrics......but no personality?  While we all think it's critical to have that perfect piece of furniture, it's typically the artwork and accessories that really give a room character.   Beautiful artwork is a great way to highlight your taste and interests, as well as provide a pop of color in your home.  Whether you like something calming, energetic or funky - it adds a great touch to any room.

That's why I'm so excited that the incredibly talented artist Ellen Thayer is going to loan us a few pieces for staging our project.  Ellen has been cruising the Maine coast for years and has found it an inspiration for her work.  One of her specialities is painting water reflections and a canvas giclee print of an original oil entitled, "Reflection, Oak Island" will grace the living room. I love how you can see the water swells in this large painting.  It will be beautiful on the first floor with our open floor plan!

But Ellen is a woman of many talents and she works in multiple media.  Her 'Love Rocks Maine' collection - beach pebbles shaped like hearts - are a fun way to celebrate the Maine coast.  My favorite is this piece,  To Know ME is to Love ME (ME - the abbreviation for Maine, get it?).  It's the perfect touch for our coastal cottage.

Want to see more of Ellen's work?  Check out her website at Maine Island Treasures.

And stay tuned as we get these rooms finished and start hanging artwork!

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  1. First - any damage from earthquake? Felt here in SE MA!! Second, that artwork is amazing! Couldn't believe it was a painting and not a picture!! Breathtaking!!
    Can't wait to see this project thru.

    1. The earthquake was so freaky!!!! We weren't even sure what it was at first! But thankfully, we don't seem to have any damage. Thanks so much for checking in.

      Aren't Ellen's paintings amazing! I can't wait to show how fabulous they look up on the walls of the house!


    2. Glad all is ok!!

      Is Ellen a friend of yours? Just curious. I just can't believe that is not a photo. Talented to the nth degree!!


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