Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Kids Rooms - Before & After

To stage the smallest bedroom, I started with an antique postcard I bought on e-bay.  It shows a turn of the century shipwreck at Willard Beach, with Spring Point Lighthouse in the background.  I had it blown up onto a canvas as a piece of artwork.  Isn't it cool?  And it helped define the colors for the space.

As a reminder, here's the 'before' picture of the room.  It's not big, but there is certainly room for a bed, desk and dresser.  This room was in nice shape, so we didn't make many changes.

And here are the 'after' photos.  With only one bed in the room, it adds a lot more flexibility.

And of course, there are lots of little colorful details.  My favorite touches - this little $1.99 stuffed bear from IKEA!  And the super soft anchor appliquéd pillow sham.

Paint - Sherwin Williams Crisp Linen
Curtains - Pottery Barn Kids
Red Chenille Rug - IKEA
Desk & Chair - Crate & Barrel
Anchor Appliqué Pillow Sham - Simplify Marketplace
Lobster Pillow - L.L. Bean
Toys - IKEA
Red/White/Blue Quilt - Richard's Grandmother made it in the early 1980's!

Girl's Room

This room had a pretty dramatic transformation.  It was in rough shape when we started.  Underneath all the dark blue wallpaper, there was a lot of damaged plaster.  But we love old plaster walls and didn't want to lose them.  So we did lots of repairs and painted the room the same crisp linen that we used throughout the 2nd floor.  And of course we replaced the acoustic tile ceiling with new drywall.

And here are the after photos.  Love those beautiful floors!!!
Here's the Pottery Barn Dollhouse Bookcase I found at our local consignment shop!  Can't wait for another opportunity to use it.

Richard took a radiator cover that I found on Craigslist and modified it to fit this tall radiator.  It looks so much nicer than the old metal one.   One of my favorite pieces of furniture is this small table with the spool trim. I found it in an antique store in Portland a long time ago and it seems to work where ever I use it. The bed linens are all from Company C - love the bright, cheerful colors!

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  1. Your rooms are absolutely beautiful! Would you be able to share the trim color that you used with the Crisp Linen?

    Also, is the foyer Crisp Linen, too?

    1. So glad you liked the rooms. Yes, the foyer is Crisp Linen as well. I also did a very pale horizontal stripe treatment on the long wall in the foyer, by mixing my own combo of Crisp Linen and Extra White. But to be honest, the color contrast was so pale, it was tough to see! If I do it again, I'll give it more contrast.

      All the trim color was Extra White - Semi Gloss. Happy painting!!!


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