Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Foyer - Before & After

The smallest room on the first floor, turned out to be one of my favorites!  This room started as a dark boring space, with a curtain blocking the beveled glass front door window and dark purple and orange inserts in the stained glass window.  But most of all, it's narrow shape didn't really provide a lot of function.  So instead of trying to squeeze a table or console into the space, Richard built this great boot bench with beadboard backing and a row of hooks for jackets and backpacks.

Foyer Before
Foyer After - Same Camera Angle 

The too subtle stripe treatment
 What would I do differently?  Well, it's hard to see it, but there is a horizontal stripe treatment on the long wall with the bench.  It's a cream and white set of stripes....but probably a little too subtle!  Next time, I think I'd accentuate it just a little more.

What would we do the same?  We changed the ceiling height on the stairway so someone over 5'8" can walk up the stairs without bumping their head.  That's made a big improvement!  And all the things we did to make the room brighter really helped make this a welcoming space as you come through the front door.

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  1. Looks Great!! I love the bench! Great job:)

  2. Thanks Megan. I'm in love with the bench.....and it's perfect for our Maine winters. No more hopping around on one foot to try and put boots on!


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