Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Demo Discoveries

Our last project had nasty surprise after nasty surprise.  This one......doesn't!!!  It's a well built house, no structural issues, no rot, no nastiness of any kind.  In fact, we've had a couple of nice surprises.

For example - I wanted to put sconces above the fireplace, but it would be really hard to install wiring without completely gutting the walls.  And then Steve our electrician was doing some digging and we found it's already wired for them, they had been buried in the wall! 

When the City Assessor came out when we first bought the house, she said records showed it was a 2 bedroom house.  That's so odd, because it's clearly a 3 bedroom.  But when we opened this wall up between the two front bedrooms, we discovered someone had previously removed the wall and turned 2 bedrooms into 1!  And then at some point it was changed back!  So I guess that's why the City records were different than what is in place today.

But the nicest thing about demo in this house is how incredibly bright and open it suddenly is.  We didn't take out a lot of walls, but even opening them a little bit allows so much more sunlight to come shining through.  Look how dark the hallway to the kitchen used to be. 

It's always been a nice sized living room, but now it seems huge!

Same thing with the kitchen & dining room - the whole space is so much nicer (my idea of nice might not be the same as yours!).  It's hard to believe it's the same house we used to live in! 

We haven't build out tiny mud room bump out yet, but look how much nicer the corner of the kitchen is with the door and half wall removed! 

This project is moving quickly.  Framing is starting on the little mudroom and the electrical and plumbing will move forward right after that.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Such fun to see the before and after (especially since I don’t have to live through it 🤣)


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