Thursday, February 15, 2024

The Sun Porch

My husband keeps reminding me that now that we are living in the 1898 House, I have the rest of my life to get everything done.  That's a good reminder with my broken wrist, since it's putting a big damper on all my plans.  

Thankfully, work is still moving forward to get the house finished.  The guys are focused on getting the sun porch done.  (You might remember this was a late 'phase 2' part of our plan.  We want to use it as it was intended - a 3 season porch.  So we saved it till later as we worked to get the main house completed, so we could move in.)  

The porch started as a low ceilinged add on at some point in the house's history - but the roofline looked funky and when we started investigating, we discovered it was infested with carpenter ants.  

So the job became bigger, as the guys got that fixed, but the end result created a pretty fabulous space.  Here's the change to the exterior.  So much better having that nice crisp roofline all the way across!!

But the interior - is even better!  We used the new roofline to create a cathedral ceiling.  And then we used some of the original ceiling joists to add beams across the ceiling.  It added so much character to the room!!

See the difference the raised ceiling made? The old ceiling height is still there at door to the dining room

The room originally had 6 doors - we managed to eliminate one of them, but it's still a major connector between the kitchen, garage, back deck, dining room and driveway.

My favorite feature?  The shingled wall.  It was originally shingled, but had been painted so many times, we didn't think adding new shingles could ever match the original.  So we started over with new cedar shingles and suddenly the porch had a totally new feel and character.  The warm wood tones made such a difference!!
Don't you love that cedar shingled wall?

My husband installed the ceiling fan this weekend (it's a very cool one with retractable blades when it's not in use).  Hopefully as my wrist heals, I can start setting up furnishings soon!

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  1. Broken wrist?! How did I miss that? Three years ago, here in north MS, we had a major snow and ice storm the day after we closed on our house, and I was one of the dozens who slipped and fell that week. It put a major kink in some of our plans, but it has all worked out. Just be careful not to overdo! Your house is turning out so well and I’m enjoying following along.

  2. I wish I had an exotic story of how I broke my wrist, but it was general clumsiness and doing too many things at once. They pinned all the pieces back together last week and I’m hopeful the doctor will give me good news on my follow up appointment next week. In the meantime, I’m trying not to get too frustrated with my slow one handed progress 😂


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