Thursday, August 3, 2023

Curb Appeal Update

While interior plumbing and electrical systems are getting installed, the guys are focused on the exterior.  It's important to us to maintain the old house charm of this home, but with so many different updates and renovations over the years, it's hard to tell what the original home looked like.  So we've tried to restore what we can, but in some areas we took creative license to provide a cohesive look for the house.

The house had cedar shingles when we bought it.  But they were failing in many areas, allowing water to seep into the wall cavities during a heavy storm.  When we stripped them off, we discovered a variety of clapboard siding and barnboard on different parts of the house.  

Original drop siding - looks like clapboards on the outside and beadboard on the interior.  And always leaks! 

So we needed to add a layer of sheathing over top of the old drop siding to make the house truly water tight.  The distinctive green color of the sheathing gets your attention, but it also allows us to make the house water and airtight.

With the sheathing completed, we could install all the new windows.  We had so many different types of windows on the house, it was hard to figure out which was the right style.   But we think the original style was 6 over 1 (the number of panes on the top sash over the bottom sash).  

I admit it, I obsessed over the window trim.  And thanks to a tip from the guys at Hammond Lumber, I found this historic Rams Head window trim that will be perfect.  And best of all, it's a no maintenance product.   

These are six over one windows

We're using it on all the lower windows (the top front windows will be integrated with the fascia boards - typical on an old home).  I'm thrilled with how it looks - it adds so much character to the house! 

With the stone steps repaired, the guys got the original columns reinstalled with new pressure treated bases, to prevent future rot (I'll paint the PT bases after they've had time to dry out a bit more - PT wood tends to be really wet and doesn't take paint well).


And suddenly, it's looking so good!  The window placement has much better symmetry than before - and while it will never have modern symmetry, we think it creates character! 

Next project is getting the rest of the soffits and trim installed, so the new roof can be installed.  The first few pieces are looking good! 


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  1. Amazing progress!!

  2. Beautiful! Can I ask--do the Ram's Head window surrounds come in 1 piece or do your guys have to build them? Or are the an option from Marvin? Thanks.

    1. Thanks! The Rams Head pediment is one piece. And you can order it with or without an integrated drip cap.


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