Wednesday, November 2, 2022

What Kind of Poop Is That?

What kind of poop is this?  This photo was from the inspection report and it doesn't ID the poop.   It's big (hence the comparison with the VCR tape) and once we looked up in the top of the garage we found a LOT of it!!!  We're still trying to get up the gumption to get it bagged up for the trash - I bought us the kind of Tyvek suit with hoods built in, which I will probably burn when we're done 😂. It won't be a fun job!

And just for background, we've had lots of animal issues in other houses.  Here's the typical Q&A that I get:

Q- Is it normal to have that many animal traps?

A - Probably not!

Q - Have you used them all? 

A - Oh yes indeed! 

Q - Why do you have so many? 

A - Old houses typically come with some kind of critters!!

Q - What have you caught? 

A - Squirrels (lots), chipmunks, neighborhood cats (who are not amused, but seriously, who would have thought they liked peanut butter?), and one skunk. 

Q - What animals do you think come with this house? 

A - We have seen squirrels dart in behind the gutters, chipmunks running through the garage/sunroom, the neighbors told us they've seen a fox that goes in and out of the garage and the previous owners had to have raccoons removed. Oh and it’s time time of year for mice to find homes indoors! 

Oh yeah, it's critter time in this house!!  As we've started investigating, we're finding all kinds of interesting things.

First - meet Mr. Possum.  He's been here a really long time, in a crawl space under the back porch and is essentially just fur and teeth. (and seriously creepy) 

Next - we've watched a squirrel darting in and out of this hole.  When we start doing full demo, we will probably discover where he's living! 

Is that all?  Nope!!  We opened up the dining room ceiling so the structural engineer could see the full impact of the problems to the building.  And then we discovered some critter had been snacking, a lot, on this wood! See all the light areas?  That's where they chewed away all this old wood!

Is that all?  We're not sure yet.  Old houses always have animal infestations, but hopefully we have found them all at this point!!  

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  1. Yikes! That looks big enough to be dog poop!

  2. Maybe it's raccoon droppings?

    1. Raccoon seems to be the consensus of opinion!


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