Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Creating a Vintage Style Bathroom

The bathroom in this house was..... odd.....   The tub/shower was in the middle of the room, with awkward spaces on either side.  We think the room originally had a clawfoot tub and when they replaced it with a standard tub, they just built the walls around it.  We also removed the steam radiator, so the room could have additional storage space.

So we set out to change all that.  And we wanted to compliment the vintage style of the bungalow, so we didn't want anything too modern.  Here's our starting point - pretty dreary!

A big part of the design was coming up with a vintage tile design.  I spent so many hours planning this pattern, but was pretty happy with the result.

And here's the finished bathroom.  Isn't it a great change?

The closet provides an amazing amount of storage!  And all that wasted space is now history.  Mission accomplished! 

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