Wednesday, September 29, 2021

That Moment - When It Starts to Look Like a Home

The original plan was to have this house finished and on the market in July 😂😂😂. Obviously that didn't take COVID delays into account.  But despite all the hiccups, it feels like we're turning the corner and making nice progress.  Hooray!

Chaos?  Nope!  This is progress!
It was a big week - 'the moment' finally happened.  You see, on every house, there's a moment of absolute chaos when everything is happening at once and things are a total mess - when I get a glimpse of what the house will look like when it's done and I say wow, this place is going to be great!  That happened this week and it's wonderful to see it all come together.

So here are some quick updates.  The kitchen is almost done.  The quartz countertops are amazing - a beautiful marble look, without all the marble upkeep.

  I tiled the backsplash with an antique style tile, complete with crackle finish.  I just love this Walker Zanger Tilt mosaic - it's a soft look that pulls all the neutrals in the kitchen together.  The appliances have arrived and the dishwasher panel will be installed soon.

I LOVE the faucet!  But there are some challenges we are working through.  After Jeff got it installed we discovered it leaks in 3 different places.  Yikes!  Wayfair is trying to replace it, but while they initially promised a week's turn around, now they're saying November 1st!  This is why it's so hard to get anything finished, lead times are so hard to deal with.  We will get it fixed, but it's going to take a bit of time.

Wainscoting - after installation
And the dining room?  Well, the wainscoting looks fabulous now that it's painted.  What a great accent for the room.  The painters did their usual amazing job and the house looks like we're getting close to done!

But let's not forget the living room.  The white walls with the pale taupe trim is looking good!  And how about that fireplace???

It finally feels like the finish line is in sight.   More photos coming soon!

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  1. This house is looking fabulous!!!! What are the paint colors on the walls and trim>


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