Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Introducing the Basic Bungalow

Behold the Basic Bungalow!  Okay, so it's not fancy, it doesn't have all the Craftsman features of the bungalows we saw in our previous post.  But this place is still pretty sweet.  It's got great proportions, with a broad hip roof and a gable over the front porch.  There is a nice deck on the back of the house. Oh, and it's cozy - 918 square feet to be exact. 

Are you ready for the tour?  This is going to be a great project!
Two back doors!
Doesn't it have great curb appeal?
 It has a small front porch that is 'sort of' finished as living space.  I keep thinking there must have been paneling on the walls at some point in time - but it's long gone now, with just the insulation remaining.  It's still TBD if this will be part of the interior or if we should pull out all the windows and make it an open front porch.  

Like most bungalows, as you step inside the front door, you're right in the living room.  That was considered a hallmark of graciousness in bungalow design.  It's a nice sized room with two different closets for storage.  It's probably hard to tell from the photos, but it has nice high ceilings.  A real plus!

The living room and dining room are already nicely open

Can you tell where the sofa was? 😁

The dining room has big French doors that look out onto the deck.  There is an original hutch built into the corner, that I'm pretty crazy about.  The fan, well you probably guessed it, will have to go!

Just off of the dining room is the kitchen.  It's narrow!  7 feet, 4 inches to be exact.  It's a design challenge I'm still trying to wrap my head around.  And I can't tell you how much I hate seeing appliances lined up side by side.  That has to change!

Basically a galley kitchen - 7' 4" wide!  

Oh and there's a mudroom leading to the back door.     Ant spray was included in the sale -  free of charge!! 😂.  Hopefully that won't be necessary.  
Tiny mudroom - but hey, it's a mudroom so that's a bonus!

There are two bedrooms on the first floor, almost identical in size.  The front bedroom has 3 windows and a closet.  Oh and the light is on a pull chain in the middle of the room.  Looks like we will have some electrical work to do!

Note the pull chain on the light!  Lots of electrical work required!

And just when I thought I would escape the dreaded wallpaper removal task - I opened the closet door.  Sigh..... stripping wallpaper in a closet is a thankless task.....
I get to strip wallpaper in a closet......the fun never ends!!

The back bedroom is similar in size and shape, but feels a bit smaller because the closet projects into the room.

The bathroom is ready for an update, to say the least!!  It has an odd, narrow footprint.  And another pull chain light.  In fact, it's the only light in the bathroom (wouldn't want to apply makeup in here, I'd look like a drag queen!😂)

But what really has me excited - and will take up most of the budget - is the unfinished 2nd floor.  The  staircase is tucked away between the kitchen and dining room.

There is a lot of space up here.  The existing dormer brings in a lot of light, but for the rest of the attic, the  angled ceilings limit useful living space.  I'd like to add a couple of additional dormers to create a really luxurious primary suite.   Wouldn't that be lovely?

Oh, and since I'm sure you're wondering.  Why the broom?  Because there were droppings.....lots and lots of droppings....  You didn't think renovating an old house was a clean and tidy process, did you?  

See the staircase wall - Pepto Bismol pink!!!

And finally, we have a big basement.  There won't be a lot of changes down here, but it's a great spot for laundry and storage.  And who doesn't need more storage space?

So what do you think?  Can you see the potential?


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  1. I kind of like the wallpaper in the closet, LOL.

    1. Me too!! A taste of the life the house hosted previously.

    2. I would keep that wallpaper and modernize the closet fittings. I painted all the closets in my 1940 house a beautiful robin egg blue and papered the ceilings. They are a all a lovely surprise.

  2. In the downstairs bath, will you move the shower to the end of the room?

    1. Good question! Still figuring out the final plan, but will probably move the tub back next to the door, which will create lots of space for storage near the radiator.

  3. So cute, its going to be great! I like the wallpaper in the closet too. Its nice to see something unexpected and tied to the history of the house.

  4. Wow so looking forward to how you renovate this little gem. Love the hutch in the dining room

  5. Anxious to see your decision on front porch. We have a similar setup with opening the door basically knocks people out. 🤣


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