Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Master Suite at the Mid Mod Marvel

We hit the one-year-of-construction mark at our own mid-century modern project this month.  And it's finally starting to feel like home!  

Throughout the renovation, we tried to keep many areas of the house in their original configuration.  But for the master suite, we decided to make some changes.  You see, originally the master bedroom was right in the middle of the house (and a bit on the small side).  That was probably great when you had lots of children and wanted to be centrally located. But for us, we thought it would make sense to relocate to the largest bedroom at the far end of the house, providing space for all the kids and grandkids at the other end of the hallway

And the ‘mushroom’ bedroom was the perfect spot.  (why 'mushroom'?  Well look at the wallpaper - it's like a time warp!)
Can you read the wallpaper????  
It’s a big room, with a sliding door out to the courtyard at the rear of the house. It also provided a space to reconfigure the original laundry and bathroom to create a new ‘suite’. 

The new floor plan allowed us to create a  large walk in closet/dressing room, as well as a big bathroom with space for a large soaking tub.  It was the perfect footprint for all of our needs.

So we got started.  Now I know some of you LOVED the mushroom wallpaper and are upset that we removed it. It was certainly a very cool mid-century modern feature. But 1) I don’t think I could sleep in a room with such a bold graphic and 2) I couldn’t clean it up.  The cocktail wallpaper in the bar cleaned up like a dream.  But this wallpaper had lots of stains and some sort of growth on it that just wouldn’t go away.  It was a paper based product and rubbed away with too much elbow grease. 

But of course if you’re removing something as dramatic as the mushroom wallpaper, you need to replace it with something equally dramatic.  So we were delighted to find these large, 3-D panels for the walls. They’re environmentally friendly – made of bagasse, a by-product of the sugar cane plant.
Richard and I installed them using a mastic - so the same process as a regular tile wall.  But they get finished with a high quality primer and regular latex paint.  

And they really are a wow feature!
The closet wall has changed a lot - we removed one closet to create an entrance to the large dressing room - with walls of wardrobes and storage on both sides.  Oh, and did you notice the closet door pulls???  Those are such a special vintage feature that we refinished and re-installed!!
Before - 2 closets
After - removed right closet to create doorway to dressing room and bathroom
The new taller windows make the whole space seem brighter.  And the new hardwood floors are a big change from the burnt orange shag :-) 

This started out as the laundry room, but we turned it into the closet/dressing room, with lots of built ins.

And the bathroom?  Well it changed a LOT!  We combined the old toilet space and the sunken bathtub space, to create a much larger bathroom.

Note the reading light over the toilet! 
It includes this black soaking tub.  And a large walk in shower.  

We moved the original skylight to the center of the room - it brings in so much wonderful light!  

We couldn't be happier with the result!  

Bedroom Wall Panels - Wall Flats 
Windows/Door - Marvin
Bedding & Dressing Room Rug - West Elm
Bathroom Rug - Home Remedies
Custom Glass Shower Surround - Hour Glass
Vanity - Fresca
Waterfall Print - Ocean & D 
Round Mirrors - IKEA
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  1. WOW! WOW! and WOW! While this might not be my style I’m amazed at your vision and how you’ve accomplished all you’ve done. Bravo!

  2. Love it - the dressing room is amazing! Great use of space.

  3. I don’t even know where to start! It’s all fabulous! I especially like the way you used the space for the dressing room. Drawers AND natural light!


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