Thursday, June 27, 2019

Storybook Cottage Master Suite

A huge plus for this house was a first floor master suite.  But it was also a huge negative.  The bedroom was extremely narrow – probably just wide enough for a twin bed, because of the way the closet jutted out into the room. The ceiling was low, which made it seem even more cramped.

The bathroom was easily the smallest I’ve ever seen.  The bathtub was build into a closet like space – it had to have been a real chore to clean!  And the fixtures and finishes were ready for a refresh.

Given all the space challenges, we decided to gut the entire space.  All the walls were torn out, as well as the ceiling.  The guys installed a new structural ridge beam and suddenly the new cathedral ceiling made the room feel huge.

Next was updating the floor plan.  Because we removed all the walls, we could start from scratch.  And now the front door doesn't open right next to the bedroom!  Instead, we were able to create a small hallway with a nice big closet. 
Master Suite Before
Master Suite After 

How does it look now? Well, all the changes made a world of difference. 

 It’s warm and welcoming.  We wrapped the new structural beams with wood from the original sheathing – a great reuse of materials that keeps the antique character of the house. 


 And the new bathroom is about as big a change as we have ever done.  Gone is the cramped little space, to be replaced with a big open room with a cathedral ceiling.

The glass tile on the shower feature wall simply glows.  The sliding glass ‘barn door’ provides an elegant touch.  And I’m still in love with the shoe mold mirror and towel hooks that I found to give the room a bit more character.

Don't you love it?

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  1. Just gorgeous. You have such good taste!

    1. Oh - thanks so much!!! It was a real pleasure transforming this space!

  2. Oh gorgeous! Can you share where you bought your floor tile??

    1. From a company called . They have beautiful tile!!

  3. Such an amazing change for better!

  4. Ha! When I first read “shoe mold mirror “, I was picturing a mirror with the molding used between the floor and baseboards.
    I notice the bathroom door swings into the bathroom instead of what is shown on the plan. How did you handle the conflicting door swings with the hallway door?

    1. Having doors that back up to one another is never my first choice, but in this case if I moved it you wouldn't be able to put furniture on the long wall in the bedroom. So it was the only option we had!


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