Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sneak Peek - Ugly Duckling

We're doing all our structural, plumbing and electrical inspections this week -  a big milestone.  So it seemed like a good time to give you a peek at the inside of the house.  You'll have to use your imagination a bit, but all the walls are in place!

Front entrance - Before
It's changed so much since we started! We replaced the not-to-code staircase, moved the front door and the hallway wall to create a bigger, brighter living room.

Same vantage point - During
And we're adding a gas fireplace, which will be a cozy place to sit during our cold Maine winters!

First Floor - Before

We also removed the old, unused flue - as well as the wall between the kitchen and living room.  Can you believe these photos were taken from the same spot?  Look at the steps on the right side, as a reference point.  As you'll notice, we added a lot of structural beams, as we removed walls and strengthened the ceiling.
First Floor - During
And the biggest difference?  Adding the dining room across the back of the house.  See how much bigger the first floor is now?  It's a bright room, with 5 windows and a sliding glass door to the back yard.  And it's completely open to the kitchen, which is great for entertaining.
Dining Room, looking towards kitchen and living room
Off to the left of the kitchen will be a large mudroom and a powder room.  This space provides a connection to the attached garage.  What an easy way to bring groceries into the house in bad weather (do I sound battle scared from all our snow??)
Stairway to upstairs - Before

The second floor saw even more changes.  

Bathroom and Front Bedroom - Before
This was the view from the top of the stairs to the front of the house.  The bathroom was on the left and the bedroom on the right.  

With the new plan, we opted to remove the bathroom and leave the stairwell wide open.  That let us make the bedroom larger, with increased ceiling height and a big, dramatic double window.  Finally, we updated the dormer, to bring additional light into the room.
See the original barn board and studs?  Plus lots of new framing!
Second Floor - Before
This area, in the rear of the original house, is now home to a bathroom, laundry room and the middle bedroom.

I love this middle bedroom.  The big, double window lets in the morning light.  We have raised the ceiling and will have a big light fixture in the middle of the room (do you like my cardboard one that's hanging up?).
Middle Bedroom - High Ceilings and Large Double Window
The new addition on the back of the house is home to the 4th bedroom.
Back Bedroom - do you like my cardboard light fixture mockup?

And the master suite?  Well that's in the new section, over the garage.  There are no 'before' photos here - this is all new space.
Don't you love how the gambrel on the front of the house frames the room??  It's the perfect spot for a couple of chairs, to sit and read.
Looking towards the front of house and the gambrel space
Master Bath - will have a large shower & double vanity
Obviously, we still have a long way to go.  But I hope the sneak peek gave you an idea of what's to come!!

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  1. Yowsers! That is amazing. It's going to be gorgeous!

  2. I love it already. Its going to be a terrific house!


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