Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Top 5 Blog Posts

As we get ready to start a new year, I thought it would be fun to go back and see which blog posts had the most visits this year.  We had a lot of changes in 2015, so what did people find the most interesting?  (I didn't include the final 'before & afters' that are in the tabs at the top of this screen.  Instead, I focused on the specific blog posts that people read the most.)  And I was a bit surprised at the outcome!

Coming in at the number 5 slot was was our kid's purchase - The Really, Really Bad Flip, aka the Little Farm of Horrors.  The house continues to provide surprises (not the good kind), but they've gotten a lot of the issues sorted out and are quickly making it a real family farm (6 goats, 2 donkeys, 2 mini horses, an assortment of chickens and a new baby!).

People can't seem to get enough Before & After photos of kitchens, so maybe it wasn't a surprise that this post was the 4th most read post of the year!

One of the very first blog posts I ever wrote was How to Choose Paint Colors - and it's still popular, coming in at number 3.
Sherwin Williams Nonchalant White, Crisp Linen and Ancient Marble

The Number 2 most read post was from earlier this year - The Foyer (aka Mudroom) on our duplex.  With its built ins made from IKEA PAX wardrobes, it was featured on IKEA Hackers and has had a lot of interest from readers all over the world.  

At the number 1 slot, the transformation of the Dining Room and Foyer from our second project got the most views by a landslide.  Farewell pickwick pine, hello light, bright wood walls!  

What will be the most popular posts of 2016?  Hard to say in advance, but with a new project starting in a few weeks, we'll have lots of updates to share!

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