Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Just Say 'No' to Matchy Matchy!!

I'm always fascinated when people say all the metal finishes need to match in an old house.

Think about how an old house evolves.  Light fixtures get changed out over the years.  Kitchen pulls get changed.  Styles change.  New trends emerge.  An old house always has a mixture of finishes.

So, when HGTV published this infographic on Facebook, I was a bit startled.  What?  Everything has to match?

When I'm renovating a house, I have a couple of general rules.  I try and match all the doorknobs (although I'll change them first floor to second floor, if I can't find enough that are the same, which can be tricky with an old house.  I've spent many hours rummaging through boxes of doorknobs in salvage places).  Kitchen cabinet knobs can be different from the light fixtures.  And the faucets don't need to match.  Same is true in the bathroom.

In our own house, we were trying to make a new house look like one that has aged gracefully over the years.  So it was even more important to have a mixture of finishes!

For the doorknobs, I used natural brass traditional knobs (so not quite as shiny as this photo).

For the kitchen island,  I chose these brushed brass pendants.

And since the cabinets were a traditional New England white with black countertops, I went with black pulls and latches for the cabinets.

And the faucets - I went with traditional polished chrome.  I love how they all come together!

What about you?  All the same finish?  Or do you mix and match?

Lighting - Hudson Valley Randolph
Faucet - Newport Brass
Cabinet Latches - Top Knobs

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