Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sea Glass Blue and Green Guest Room

So, here's my starting point for every guest room.  A queen or full sized bed.  Small chest of drawers for storage (and to leave things for your guests (hand lotion, slippers, etc)), a bedside table with a light, a TV for entertainment (in case they're real nite owls) and a comfortable chair.  I try and incorporate all these elements into every guest room we create!

But this room has an added bonus.  When we planned it, we really didn’t know what the views would be like.  So we were pleasantly surprised to see how good they were from this room.  When we have a house full of guests, they all want this room!  It's nice to see the water and the islands when you wake up in the morning!

Similar to the first floor bath, I wanted to do this room in seaglass colors.  The inspiration was a quilt that I found at Maine Cottage (when they were still in Maine).  It has nautical/island terms embroidered all over it and I absolutely love it. 

While there, I also found some coordinating fabric (on clearance - yea!) and started what I still think of as the ‘great upholstery project’.  I took a class to learn how to do upholstery and over the course of 10 weeks (2.5 hours a week) I hauled this chair back and forth to class and transformed it (and didn’t throw my back out in the process!).  But my lessons learned: hire someone to do it.  Lots and lots of work and I didn’t achieve the quality level of a professional.  And while I have bragging rights that I've learned upholstery skills, given the number of hours that went into it, it would have been worth it to pay someone!

I wanted to use black wood for the furniture.  The bombe’ chest comes from Crate and Barrel.  The headboard - Restoration Hardware Outlet for $99 (but we did look comical driving from Boston with it strapped to the roof of my car!).  The side tables are fashioned from shutters with a milk paint finish.  They came from Dwellings in Falmouth, one of my favorite little shops.

But the piece de resistance?  The striped wall.  I started with the blue in the quilt and tried to combine lots of sea glass colors to create a dramatic statement.  I also used different sheens with each color (eggshell, flat and satin)..  It's tough to see that in the photos, but its adds to the interest of the wall.

First try at artwork for the walls......not successful!
I struggled to find the perfect artwork for the room.  My starting point didn't add enough color or interest to the cream walls.  But while we were in Wiscasset one weekend, browsing through an antique shop, I came across an antique map of our neighborhood.   I had it framed in an antique style black frame and love the way it looks.  The piece above the bed is a canvas print of local artist Catherine Breer’s work.  And I found the small prints at the local SoPo Art in the Park festival that’s held each summer. 

For window treatments, we wanted to keep it simple, so we wouldn’t compete with the view through the windows and door to the balcony.  So we installed simple sailcloth panels.

And the balcony?  Isn't that a great touch?  Well, it's the perfect spot to relax with that first cup of coffee in the morning. And yes, the dogs enjoy it as well!

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  1. Looks like a resort hotel room, really nice!

    1. Gee, thanks so much!! That's just the way we want guests to feel when they walk in the room!


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