Monday, June 16, 2014

Lady - Is That a Doorknob in Your Purse?

As we near the end of a project, there are so many details to remember, I start losing track of things.  Case in point - I had removed one of the antique glass doorknobs from a door and had tossed it in my purse to take it home and clean it up.  And promptly forgot it was there (although you would think I would notice my purse was much heavier!)

Several days later, I had to go into an office building that had one of those X-ray machines like you see in the airport.  I dutifully popped by bag on the belt and went through the metal detector.  But as I waited on the other side, I noticed the security guard looking at the screen and then he called another guard over to look.  Both of them started to give me funny looks.

"Lady, is that a doorknob in your purse?"

"Why yes it is!"

I was 1) mortified and 2) suddenly worried they would take it away from me - and I really need that matching doorknob!  But evidently doorknobs aren't on a confiscate list, like brass knuckles or pocket knives.  I quickly tried to explain why it was in my purse, as they made me pull it out and show it to them.

"That thing looks awful!  Are you really going to reuse it?"

So, I started rambling about how it can be cleaned up, how I put the parts in a crock pot with vinegar to remove all the paint.  How Brasso is a wonderful product.  And the whole time, they just looked at me like I was a crazy lady.  By now, there was a line forming to go through the machine and they weren't amused.

But instead of hurrying, the guards started reminiscing about door knobs in the houses they grew up in.  Evidently, one of the guards had knobs like this in his childhood home.  Maybe this was the oddest thing that happened that day??  A little excitement to breakup the routine?

But the people queuing in line, didn't seem to be interested.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, they gave it back to me.  But suggested I might not want to bring it back for my next visit!  Good thing it's now out of my purse and getting prettied up!

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  1. Ha! Too funny. Those doorknobs were in my grandmother's house. Glad you are reusing them.

  2. Great story. Btw i have had great luck with the crockpot water bath with no vinegar... Just water.

  3. My grandmother had stunning glass doorknobs in her house on Long Island and my other grandmother had them in her apartment on West 70th Street in NY, NY. They completely captivated me as a young child. I live in Louisiana. I've yet to see them in any old houses here and I adore them. Two years ago for Christmas my sister (upstate NY) sent me a GLASS DOORKNOB. You have no idea how happy that made me. I love those things and no one here understands my love of them. A whole collection would make me incredibly happy. I'll make do with my one. It's beautiful. (I actually thing she took it off her "door that goes to the breezeway but really doesn't go outside anymore" door. Her house was built on a lake during the forties - with a lot of odd additions to its original three rooms! But I've got a glass doorknob. Finally.

    1. So funny, my husband was born and raised in NOLA, and I'm not sure he loves them as much as I do! But I agree with you, they are beautiful! I particularly like the ones that have a slight color in them....I've seen green and purple.


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