Monday, November 4, 2013

The $16.29 Nursery

The first time I saw the little bedroom in the 1892 house, I thought it would make a wonderful nursery. With the two skylights in the room, sunshine comes streaming in - creating a light, bright space.  And the little closet under the steep pitched roof seemed perfect for a child's room.

The previous owners had used it for their daughters room.  It works fine with a twin bed in it, but I couldn't stop thinking about how cute it would be with a crib in there.

And then one day I was walking through Target and noticed a lot of baby quilt sets on the Clearance rack.  As I dug through the pile, I found this set for $16.29.  Seriously, $16.29…..and it had my favorite blue/green color combo.  Sold!  And that started the plan for the room.

There was some construction required in the room.  We put in brand new skylights.

And we had to 'clip' one corner, to make room for the hallway to the new master bedroom.  But once all that was done, we were ready to start decorating.

First decorating step - painting the stripes on the long wall.  I have a lot of leftover paint in my basement, so I could quickly create a combo to coordinate with the quilt (see here for instructions on how to paint stripes).

Next step - we had beautiful, low pile wool carpeting installed.

Finally, we brought in the furniture and started arranging.  My favorite item - the imaginary baby's name on the wall.  I bought the letters from The Land of Nod for $3.95 each - love the font!  It was so easy to cover them in fun printed paper. And I figure I can use them for another house.  My friend Venita pointed out, in about a millisecond, you can also spell Andy, Lynda, Dan, & Andy.  Sigh… brain just doesn't work that way!  It would take me ages to figure that out!

See this glider?  It was free when it didn't sell at a neighbor's yard sale (yes, I embarrassed my husband once again, by taking something from the side of the road).  I spray painted it white and made a new cushion with some left over Maine Cottage fabric I stashed away.  What a difference!

This little room didn't have as dramatic a makeover as some of the other spaces in the house.  But it isn't all about spending lots of money and changing lots of things.  A few simple changes make a big difference.  And we sure are happy with how it turned out!

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