Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Love Letters - Part 2

Thanks to blog reader Denise, we now have a much better history of the family that wrote the letters.
Here's what she learned:

Clyde G. Young was born August 25, 1875 to Julian and Martha A. Gay Young in Maine. Clyde had one sister Nettie and a brother, Leslie. Clyde’s father’s occupation was listed as a “fisherman”. Clyde’s occupation as an adult is listed as “Mariner”. Clyde married Mary E. Marshall a teacher, daughter of George and Rachel Marshall on December 25, 1906. Mary was born about 1883. Clyde and Mary E. had two daughters, Hilma born in Maine about 1909 and Vera born in New York, October 11, 1917.
It appears Hilma did not marry. In the 1940 Census it shows that Clyde and Mary lived on Pine Street with their daughter, Hilma age 31 and Mary’s mother, Rachel age 81. Clyde’s occupation listed on the 1940 census as “Master Mariner” Coast Guard.
Vera married Russell Bubier on July 25, 1938. Russell was born September 9, 1915. Russell died November 10, 1989 and Vera died in Maine February 20, 2006.

Isn't it amazing how much information you can pull together online?  Our thanks to Denise for learning all of this!  I've contacted Clyde and Etta's grandson and hope to get the letters to him soon.

So cool!!!

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  1. Indeed, so very cool. Glad you will be able to get these sweet letters back to a family member. Thanks to Denise for her assistance.


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